GA CPA Renewal Requirements

The state of Georgia

  • License renewal period every 2 years.
  • 80 hours each renewal period.
  • Annual minimum requirement of 20 hours.

Your CPE requirements

Hours Subject
64 General [click here to see what qualifies]
General subjects include:
  • Accounting and auditing;
  • Taxation;
  • Management Services;
  • Computer sciences;
  • Oral and written communications;
  • Mathematics and statistics;
  • Economics;
  • Business law;
  • Functional fields of business (e.g., finance, production, marketing, personnel relations, business management, and organization);
  • Specialized industries (e.g., real estate, agriculture, construction and financial institutions);
  • Administration of an accounting practice.
16 Auditing and Accounting [click here to see what qualifies]

Accounting-related courses includes courses on generally accepted accounting principles, particularly as they relate to presentation of financial statements.

Auditing-related courses include courses on generally accepted auditing standards, particularly as they relate to reporting on financial statements.

# Total

Please note

  • All required CPE can be acquired through self-study. There is no limit on the number of self-study CPE hours.
  • A licensee who has reached the age of 70 is exempt from CPE requirements.
  • All programs will be measured in terms of twenty-five minute segments (1/2 CPE hour). The shortest recognized program will consist of one contact hour (1 CPE hour).
  • No programs are pre-approved by the Georgia Board. The responsibility for substantiating that a particular program is acceptable and meets the requirements rests solely upon the licensee.


Georgia State Board of Accountancy

237 Coliseum Drive
Macon, GA 31217-3858

Phone: (478) 207-2440
Fax: (478) 314-5805

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